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37 years old
Oklahoma, unincorporated
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I'm a pretty average Ephesians 5 husband, widowed and under promise to my late wife to love another woman like I loved her. I will show whoever my next beloved is a great deal of affection, as my love languages are primarily touch and quality time immediately followed by acts of service. My adoration is unconditional and I've been told that I am more snuggly, happy and attentive with my lady than a new puppy, even when I was upset with something she did just moments before she walked into the room.

My grandpa says we come from an Israelite tribe but does not know which one. Family birth and death records were not kept and lineage was not kept diligently, which complicates research greatly. I am 1/16th Native American as well, but those records were likewise not kept and I cannot trace anything further back than the Rosebud Reservation in the mid 1800s and cannot find the DAWES Roll # presently due to lack of funds to continue research.

Presently I am learning the Commercial process in a self-taught Business degree course (non-accredited) because I see a need and have the chance to do it between efforts to get more income.

I'm feeling disconnected from the place I live because I walk the Natsarim Way and folks here hate and fear it and refuse to stop pagan traditions. I'm eager to go somewhere else and connect with like minds and hearts. Moving is a definite goal.
I have no career due to America being entirely too chaotic to keep a stable 10 year plan. I would LOVE to move to Israel and make a life there. I've set that goal and will work toward it with the Entrepreneur career path on the side for making money work for me. I will work various fields that may randomly change to facilitate this goal, opportunistically. If you know someone that needs a genius savant with a heart of gold, refer me. I would do no less for you, at the very least. Work is incredibly hard to find out here and the wages are very low.

I've been studying off-grid stuff and one day hope to have a garden protected by Orgone technology in the form of a modified 6' tall Orgonite Tesla Coil with a Toroidal Ring at the top. I also need to test a few fuelless generators, like the Adams design which looks promising, but need the money to first buy the parts. It all comes down to needing reliable, paying work. I'm in the middle of nowhere it seems, in Dibble, OK, where paying work is scarce and money is hard to come by. I need to leave this area but first need a destination. I am a jack of many trades and master of one, but there is no work for the one I am master of presently and I needed a sabbatical after a rough relationship with a female narcissist. I'm getting back in the game (commerce), so to speak.

I have a 14 year old son who has not known a mother figure since he was 5 (she died). He's an obedient, honorable and quiet kid. I was separated from my parents at about the same age so I don't really know how to be a complete household for him. At best I can just be the mentor, guide and best pal he needs.

At this time I am not able to carelessly throw money at random places like dating sites due to circumstances beyond my control that I am cleaning up and learning how to correct (filing, UCC, Affidavit, Notice, Disclaimer, etc). It's amazing how much fraud is present in the system, especially committed by police. I might unintentionally become rich by levying penalties in honor. We will see. I've learned to never expect anything good from this world.

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