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Hi friend,


I thought this might interest you.


I just heard about this first-time ever FREE Messianic Prophecy Bible that is going to explain the Messianic Prophecies right in the text of the Bible. The Bible will be in many different versions and languages.


This Free Bible based on the most Ancient Hebrew texts including the Dead Sea Scrolls, will really help us grow spiritually, understand the Jewish roots of our faith, and learn about the Messianic prophecies.


It is a Free offer that I have accepted and I think that you should too.


The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project will be distributing these Bibles

to Jewish people around the world who do not believe in Yeshua (Jesus).


Just click on this link to reserve your Free Bible today.

Thank you :-)


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Orded in 2015 and still no bible. They said, "It is not finished"...OK

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